March Madness

Sport - 19It’s that time of the year again! March Madness is in full swing and EACH is back with our annual bracket! This is a 50/50 pool, with half of the prize money going to the winner (minus a small chunk for the 2nd and 3rd place finishers) and the other half donated to East Africa Children’s Hope. The donations from this year’s pool will go towards our secondary school sponsorship program at the Good Hope Initiative in Uganda.  

To participate, select the number of brackets you wish to enter from the dropdown below and click the donate button. Once you have made your donation, click here to set up your bracket/s. Sign up anytime from now until the tournament begins. Brackets will be available to fill out from Sunday, March 17 through Thursday, March 21.

Thanks for joining in the fun and for supporting East Africa Children’s Hope!!!