You are invited to NOT attend the EACH non-event fundraiser December 12, 2018!

For this non-event, “from the couch” fundraiser:
Please do NOT dress up!
Please do NOT hang out in a loud, crowded bar!

Please do NOT leave your couch!

There will be NO riding in a crowded train or searching for a parking space, and most of all, NO guilt if you decide not to go to something you said you would attend.

Your support simply comes in the form of a donation to EACH.  Think of it as 3 hours, completely paid for!

For every $20 donated, you will receive one entry for the soon to be announced raffle prize.

This is your opportunity to show your support for EACH by NOT attending the second annual NON-EVENT event!


On behalf of Upendo, Good Hope Initiative and East Africa Children’s Hope, THANK YOU!