Good Hope Initiative


Good Hope History

Good Hope Initiative was founded by Deo Kagimu in 2006 and serves as a community based NGO Certified organization that supports the needs of several families and hundreds of children. Good Hope currently cares for over 150 orphans and runs a primary school for over 600 local children. The mission of Good Hope Initiative is to empower rural, marginalized and disadvantaged people in the local community. The goal of Good Hope is to enable the population to empower the children and community through education. This bottom up process will aid the community in ending the cycle of poverty in the village.



Present Day at Good Hope

Good Hope focuses on providing educational opportunities for the community. EACH is committed to helping Good Hope fund the expansion of the primary school with a focus of sustainable farming.




In 2015, Good Hope constructed a self-sustainable pig farm. The Good Hope Pig Farm’s profits are reinvested back into the farm and fund the operational costs of the primary school. The profits also fund teacher salaries and assist with paying for books and other materials for the students. A borehole (well) was also constructed so that the pigs and the local community could have a continuous source of water. The community no longer has to walk from the existing well to the school with jerry cans of water. The borehole has saved the community time and energy and they are all so excited to have a continuous source of water.

In 2016, Good Hope completed the construction of a dormitory that houses approximately 80 students who previously walked to and from school for several hours a day. In addition, the school educated children through the 7th grade in the 4 permanent classrooms EACH donated. Finally, Good Hope graduated it’s first primary school class in 2016!

In 2017, the 14 primary school graduates began their journey by entering secondary school. The “Pioneers” were able to complete their first year of secondary school because of our generous donors who participated in our “Sponsor a Student in Uganda” program. With their sponsorships the Pioneers are shining examples for all children in the community.

EACH was able to provide GHI with additional land to expand their agricultural initiatives, a truck to increase the efficiency of the pig farm and funding for two additional permanent classrooms. These key infrastructure programs have drastically improved the food supply and learning environment at Good Hope.

In 2018, EACH focused on secondary school sponsorships and completing 2 additional classrooms for the primary school. We were able to send 15 students to secondary school, what an accomplishment!

This year, EACH is seeking sponsorship for the 2017 primary school graduates to attend secondary school with the Pioneers. They need your support to accomplish this goal: only $450 pays for an entire’s worth of tuition for one child. Give the gift of an education today.

Good Hope in the Future

Mr. Kagimu’s vision over the next five years is focused on educating the students through secondary school and building additional permanent classrooms.  This plan includes expanding the Good Hope campus by purchasing more land to educate as many children as possible through primary school and allow for sustainable farming initiatives to feed the students and community alike.  EACH looks forward to working with Deo on these exciting plans for the future.

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