About Us


  • The mission of East Africa Children’s Hope is to support vulnerable and orphaned children in East Africa by providing access to primary, secondary and post-secondary education, with a particular emphasis on supporting charitable organizations led by East Africans.
  • EACH will accomplish its mission through domestic fundraising and the donation of funds to vetted and approved project sites in East Africa.

The Story of East Africa Children’s Hope

  • Melanie volunteered at Upendo for 4 months in 2006.  There she fell in love with the children and realized that it wasn’t volunteers and manpower that Upendo needed most; what they needed was money.  After returning to the US, Melanie began hosting annual happy hour/raffle fundraisers and was able to donate $5,000 -$7,000 annually to Upendo.  Over the years, support for Upendo has grown and now EACH is made up of 9 volunteers who are dedicated to helping Upendo and other organizations like it.
  • In 2009 Melanie volunteered for the Global Diabetes Initiative in Uganda.  While in Uganda she met Deo Kagimu, the founder of Good Hope Initiative.  The first time they met was when she went to distribute mosquito nets to the village where Good Hope is located.  There she met a little girl, Evelyn, who needed surgery.  Over the next three months, Melanie and Deo worked together to get Evelyn the medical treatment she needed.  During that time Melanie pledged to continue to help the children of Good Hope.  After returning to the US, with the support of the rest of the EACH volunteers, Good Hope Initiative became the second project site working toward self-sustainability with the help of EACH.
  • EACH was incorporated in the state of New York in November of 2011 and earned federal 501c3 official tax-exempt charity status in January of 2012.
  • EACH may add additional project sites through a detailed vetting process to determine if an organization qualifies to receive support. This plan requires a detailed proposal from the organization including the following:
      • detailed revenue and expense breakdown of the entire project
      • a project team already in place
      • details outlining the plan for sustainability
      • proven community support
  • The EACH Board of Directors will evaluatee all proposals to ensure they meet the EACH mission while serving the community in the most efficient way possible. The Board votes to support projects that it believes will make the most impact on the social and economic empowerment of East African communities.

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