Upendo School and Children’s Home

Upendo, located in Murang’a, Kenya is an orphanage for more than 50 girls and a co-ed primary school for almost 200 local children.  Upendo plans to educate the children through primary school and EACH is currently supporting 15 of the 25 orphaned girls through sponsorships to secondary and post secondary school.

Good Hope Initiative

Good Hope Initiative (GHI), located in Mubende, Uganda provides shelter and support for the 150 orphaned children in the village, runs a primary school for over 600 local students and is working toward providing access to health care and schooling to all village members. In addition, GHI has more than a dozen children attending secondary school in 2019.

Upcoming Events

Check back here for info on events in early 2020! We hope to host a family event in late spring.


Over the past 12 years EACH has provided capacity building funding that has paid for several revenue generating projects including the construction of a grain mill, pig farm, dormitory and classrooms. EACH educates almost 900 students each year.

Sponsor A Girl in Kenya

Just $1,000 pays for not only a girl’s tuition for an entire year but also her room, board, school supplies, clothes, personal hygiene supplies and medical expenses. We are so happy to report that all of our girls are sponsored in 2019!


Sponsor a Student in Uganda

Only $450 a year, $150 a term, pays for a student’s secondary school education for an entire year. Sponsoring a student in Uganda will change the course of their life in an instant. Learn more about the students here.